About Robyn

Robyn is the owner of a business called Property Magic which works exclusively with buyers looking for real estate in Auckland New Zealand. She advises them about properties, researches suitable houses and views houses when potential buyers can’t or when they need an experienced opinion.

This blog is designed to help you get information about the market in Auckland, to find out about the popular suburbs and to give tips for home buyers and property investors. Most weeks there will be a new post to help Auckland property buyers.


6 Responses to About Robyn

  1. Marea Kuni says:

    Any advise for finding a first home under $300K in Auckland atthe moment? My offer from the bank for a pre-approval with 5% deposit has disappeared within 2 weeks and the bank has advised I must now have 10% as the Reserve bank is already tightening up.

    Also, most of my deposit is from Kiwisaver so that makes bidding at auctions almost impossible – as banks won’t draw down a deposit from the mortgage unless a valuation has been done & that’s a risky expense when on a budget. Not to mention the fierce competition for houses at the moment – where many are being scooped off the market in days and at most weeks.

  2. mike chen says:

    Hello Robyn!
    I like your comments. They are observing and objective.
    Can I forward your link to people on my market research list? There are hundreds of them.

  3. jerry gabrielovich says:

    thanks for your great write up..now i know i’m not going entirely ga ga…jerry gabrielovich

  4. Hi Robyn, My name is Vicky, my sister Nat and I have just created a website that lists private property sales around NZ – No real estate agents allowed. We were wondering if you would be interested in writing a guest blog on our website and/or possibly putting a link up on your website to ours – we are trying to get the word out as much as possible. We are listing the first 100 customers free and will be very competitively priced after that. Take a look at our site: nzhousehunter.co.nz and let us know if you would be interested. We also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NZhousehunter
    Thanks very much
    NZ House Hunter

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